Tofu the Vegan Zombie

"Tofu" is a friendly zombie, created from a botched experiment in Professor Vost's laboratory. Monkey # 5, one of Vost's lab animals, stuffed a block of tofu into the zombie boy's open skull after accidentally losing the brain. As a result, "Tofu" eats only vegetables and grains and has no taste for human meat. However, if "Tofu" ever loses his "tofu-brain", he turns into a dangerous zombie creature, craving human flesh.

Professor Vost's sole mission in life is to find a cure for the menacing zombie epidemic plaguing mankind. Vost believes the zombie pathogen to be viral, caused by the genetic manipulation of meat products. The Evil Mallesteros, owner of the world's largest meat packing company, wants to shut down Professor Vost's research because sales from meat are beginning to suffer due to Vost's conclusive findings.

"Tofu" is able to walk among both the human and zombie world with safety and ease, however, he is never fully trusted or accepted by either group. The professor's daughter Addie helps "Tofu" blend into the human world by bringing him along with Lab Monkey #5 for fun and adventures. However, Lab Monkey #5's mischievous, playful nature always gets "Tofu" and Addie into trouble.

Because of his unique ability to intermingle in both worlds, and his harmless vegetarian nature, the professor believes "Tofu" to be the key in solving the Zombie epidemic. The question is, will he have enough time to find a cure...

Tofu the Vegan Zombie has appeared on the cover of several magazines and has been featured online and in print many times over the years. 

Karen Moltenbrey  at Computer Graphics World wrote a cool article about Tofu the Vegan Zombie. She does an amazing job of painting the picture of how Tofu came to be as not only a concept, but the toy and animated short.

Read the entire article in issue: Volume 34 Issue 8 (Oct/Nov 2011), or online here: CGW Tofu Article



Tofu Animated Short


Zombie Dearest is an award winning animated short starring Tofu the Vegan Zombie.  Click here to view the animated short: Zombie Dearest


Tofu Toy


This PVC collectible figure stands over 7-inches tall with removable tofu brain and has 5 points of articulation. Click here for more information: Tofu Toy


Tofu Game


Lab Monkey #5's Great Escape is a side-scroller flash based game staring the Tofu cast. Click here toplay the game: Lab Monkey #5's Great Escape


Tofu ToyFair Comic


This comic is a short teaser  that tells the origin of our little veggie loving zombie.  Click here to view the teaser comic: ToyFair Teaser Comic 

Visit the official Tofu the Vegan Zombie site here: Tofu Online