Tofu the Vegan Zombie: Toys

Tofu the Vegan Zombie is a friendly zombie, created from a botched laboratory experiment. If Tofu loses his tofu-brain, he turns into a dangerous zombie creature, craving human flesh!

Tofu stands a menacing 7" tall and boasts 4 points of articulation, a fully sculpted produce base for display and one of a kind window packaging that looks like an old apple crate. Tofu’s tofu block is also removable, but we wouldn't recommend doing that. The block in his skull is what makes him an herbivore. Remove it and you’ll be face to face with a rabid, flesh-crazed monster!

You can purchase  Tofu the Vegan Zombie merchandise here: Tofu Merchandise


Tofu Introduction


"Tofu" is a friendly zombie, created from a botched experiment in Professor Vost's laboratory.  Click here to find out more: Tofu Intro


Tofu Animated Short


Zombie Dearest is an award winning animated short starring Tofu the Vegan Zombie.  Click here to view the animated short: Zombie Dearest


Tofu Game


Lab Monkey #5's Great Escape is a side-scroller flash based game staring the Tofu cast. Click here toplay the game: Lab Monkey #5's Great Escape


Tofu ToyFair Comic


This comic is a short teaser  that tells the origin of our little veggie loving zombie.  Click here to view the teaser comic: ToyFair Teaser Comic 

Visit the official Tofu the Vegan Zombie site here: Tofu Online