The Pushing Points Topology Workbook

The Pushing Points Topology Workbook is a 125-page software-agnostic guide that teaches you the foundation of SubD topology.

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There are over sixty exercises packed with loads of tips, tricks and techniques designed to teach you how to manage the topology of your meshes.


Throughout the book you will also find many images of wireframe rendered assets and their topology that you can study for reference. This book doesn’t show you how to build a car, character or creature. Instead, it teaches you the foundation of SubD topology, so you can construct ANY SubD asset with clean polygon flow.



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Early feedback about the book:

“It’s an indispensable resource for anyone who works with polygons and SubD meshes. While this is essential reading for modelers, all departments in the production pipeline will find value in these techniques.”

“I’m halfway through the book and I just learned more in the last few hours than I have in the last few years of modeling. A million thanks.”

“Just flicked through it and it is all you would expect from the Maestro of tutorials, clean clear and concise. Full of beautiful illustrations which clearly demonstrate the techniques and issues described. Recommended!”

“I’m learning so much from this, my self-esteem has risen, and my posture has even improved. I might even start beating my chest after a few more chapters.”

“William, thank you for taking years off my life and adding better ones in place.”

“About halfway through the third chapter, I realized how much this book would have helped me during my first year in college. This should be mandatory reading for anyone in any 3D software class.”

“I just bought the book. It’s very high quality and the price is right. I can already tell that this book will be a great guide to learn better modeling habits. From what I’ve read so far, it definitely looks like the tips in the book will be useful for both low poly modeling and high poly modeling which is fantastic.”

“I have bought it and my initial impressions are that it is really excellent material.”

“This is very slick.”

“I could only do a quick look, but it looks like a wonderful guide to getting out of problematic modeling situations……brilliant work as usual! Packed full of info!!”