The Pushing Points Polystein Kit for MODO

The Pushing Points Polystein Kit is a MODO KIT consisting of an array of all-quad SubD mesh presets that can be seamlessly added to a model making mesh detailing incredibly easy. This powerful toolset positions, scales, orients and auto-stitches these mesh presets to your active mesh relieving you of the tedious process of doing it manually.

Want to use your own meshes with the Polystein Kit? Use the Polystein Preset Creator and within minutes you're up and running. From vehicles, characters, weapons, environmental models and more, the Polystein Kit is a perfect addition to your modeling toolkit.

Download The Polystein Kit ($99)

Polystein Tools Palette:

You can access the Polystein Tools Palette by clicking on the Polystein icon found in the MODO Modes Tail.


Polystein Pie Menu:

The Polystein Kit comes with a pre-configured pie menu mapped to (Shift+F) that you can easily map to another keyboard short cut by using the "Map Polystein Pie" button.


Polystein Auto-Stitch Presets:

These tools will automatically stitch the Polystein Presets into your mesh.

Steps to Use Polystein Auto-Stitch Presets:

1.Select a single mesh item.

2.Select the required polygon configuration.

Use the information displayed below the preset thumbnail to determine the needed polygon configuration for each preset.


3.Choose a preset and click to have it auto-stitched onto your mesh item.


Note: An alternate version of each auto-stitch script is included that will reverse the normal direction of the target preset edges when the stitching takes place. This can help resolve a skewed, improper stitch. If clicking in the center of the preset icon results in undesirable results, simply undo and use the alternate option by clicking on the preset name above the preset graphic.


It's also important to note that the Polystein tools were designed to work on polygons that are facing in the X and Z axis. Polygons facing in either +Y or -Y may produce undesirable results. If you would like to auto-stitch a preset with geometry facing in the Y, it is recommended that you temporarily rotate your mesh item so that the polygons you wish to perform the action on are no longer facing in the Y, run the tool and then rotate your mesh to the original position.


Polystein Manual-Stitch Presets:

The Polystein Preset option found in both the tool palette and pie menu will launch a custom Preset Browser where you will find mesh presets that can be manually stitched with your meshes. It's important to note that these meshes don't work with the auto-stitching tools that make up the Polystein Kit, but can be easily stitched manually.


Steps to Use Polystein Manual-Stitch Presets:

1.choose a preset and click to add it to your current scene.

2.Use your preferred modeling tools to manually stitch the preset to your mesh item.


These are a few quick doodles made with the Polystein kit:





 Below are links to examples of what some of the beta testers created while exploring the Polystein kit:

Roger Borelli created character heads that you can see in his work in progress thread on the MODO forums: Roger's Polystein Thread

Francois Daigle also created character heads that you can see in his work in progress thread on the MODO forums: Francois' Polystein Thread

Kayla Roskopf created a Yoda head that you can see in her work in progress thread on the MODO forums: Kayla's Polystein Thread

Chris O'Riley  created a character head that you can see in his work in progress thread on the MODO forums: O'Riley's' Polystein Thread


Download The Polystein Kit ($99)