MODO Tutorials

Creating a Fully Textured Eyeball


This hour long video tutorial walks you through every step involved in creating an eye and is geared toward beginners looking to get a handle on the Shader Tree in Modo. Big thanks to Kevin Nations for providing the music!

Soft Selection Sets


When creating 3D models, I find that I spend only about 10% of the time generating new geometry and 90% of the time selecting and manipulating the mesh. There are so many ways to make selections in MODO and even the ability to store these selections into Selection Sets. Selection Sets in MODO are a massive time saver and make for a more efficient workflow. In this twelve minute training video, I review the process of creating and recalling selection sets as well as introduce the ability to have “Soft” selection sets.

Introduction to Texture Offset


Textutre Offset is a new layer effect type that allows any texture map values to displace those of another layer. I use this option all the time to help reduce a procedural texture from looking too “procedural” or clean. In this short video tutorial, I show how Texture Offset can bring a little more realism when using the Brick texture.

MODO Rigging


The Foundry posted an interview along with a video where I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts and excitement about the rigging and animation features in MODO 701.

To learn the rigging workflow in MODO, I worked on a simple cartoon truck that I gave myself a list of requirements that I wanted in a rig. One of the main requirements of the rig was that the vehicle needed to drive itself. In the example shown in the video, all animation is automated and there are ZERO keyframes. I also added user channels to customize the animation. Some of the options include tire shape, whether the tire compresses on the ground or not, and a slew of fun options for tire and chassis placement. Check out the video to see the rig in action and many other examples of rigging in MODO.

Introduction to MeshFusion


In the last quarter of 2013, the Foundry asked me to put together a short video showing Mesh Fusion in action for a private event prior to its release. Although Mesh Fusion evolved significantly after the creation of this video and before its official release, I think there are still some valuable nuggets that the MODO community could benefit from.

Pushing Points Toolkit


This short video shows the Pushing Points Toolkit in action. The Pushing Points Toolkit is a collection of scripts (currently includes 31 tools) that I have created to help increase efficiency when working in MODO by speeding up given modeling tasks as well as add new functionality.