Mesh Fusion

MeshFusion for MODO has been developed by Braid Art Labs based upon the previous GroBoto technology. This revolutionary new modeling plugin is available exclusively for MODO and opens up a new world of creative possibilities for artists and designers.

MeshFusion takes away the challenge of complex and frustrating boolean operations and makes the process of producing high quality models consistent and accurate.

By adding MeshFusion to your MODO workflow, you will be able to take advantage of new modeling operations that will let you interactively blend, add and subtract objects to create consistently high quality subdivision surface (SDS) models faster and more efficiently than ever before.

I was fortunate to play a role in the Beta testing of this amazing technology and some of my early tests were used in the promotion of the release of Mesh Fusion. My Mesh Fusion robot based on an  Oliver Wade concept (shown right) was used in the initial launch of the MODO kit and my Mesh Fusion Tachikoma was included in the MODO gallery.

Join the conversation on the MODO forums in some of the threads I've started by clicking on the links below.

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Finished Mesh Fusion Projects:

Mesh Fusion Tachikoma

Mesh Fusion Wrench

Mesh Fusion Milk Crate

[box type="bio"]Be sure to grab a copy of my Pushing Points Toolkit to take advantage of some of the custom MODO tools I developed to work with Mesh Fusion including the SubD Text and Instance to Verts scripts.

Pushing Points Toolkit [/box]


Introduction to Mesh Fusion


In the last quarter of 2013, the Foundry asked me to put together a short video showing Mesh Fusion in action for a private event prior to its release. Although Mesh Fusion evolved significantly after the creation of this video and before its official release, I think there are still some valuable nuggets that the MODO community could benefit from.