[digital] Modeling

Professional modeling is the foundation of every aspect of the 3D production pipeline and is essential to the success of any 3D computer graphics project. [digital] Modeling is unlike any other modeling book you’ve seen—it gets to the core of what it takes to create efficient production-ready models and demystifies the process of producing realistic and jaw-dropping graphics. Taking a software-neutral approach, it teaches you the essential skills and concepts that you can apply to modeling in any industry 3D software, such as 3ds Max, LightWave 3D, Maya, Modo, Silo, XSI, ZBrush and other leading programs. Modelers, animators, texture artists, and technical directors can all benefit from the valuable information covered in this jam-packed guide containing years of industry knowledge. Simply put, if you work in 3D, you must have this book.


“William Vaughan has the rare ability to share his in-depth knowledge of 3D modeling and the
CG industry with others in an easy to digest way. He has trained hundreds of artists working in
the industry and has influenced the way I approach modeling. This book is a must-read for anyone
interested in creating digital models.”

—Ron Thornton, award–winning VFX/CG Leader and recognized industry pioneer

“Truly William Vaughan has a passion for teaching and shares that passion within the pages of this
book. He is one of the best teachers I have had and I’m excited that he’s able to share his modeling
knowledge outside the boundaries of a single classroom.”

—April Warren, Digital Domain

“You’d be hard pressed to find a more talented or prolific artist in the industry today. William is one
of a truly rare breed: someone who can both do the work and teach it to others. His methods have
shaped my own practices in countless ways. I’ve learned a great deal from William, and so will you!”

—Jarrod Davis, Emmy Award–winning VFX artist

“In his trademark natural writing style, William concisely explains not only how to model but also
how to think and solve problems like a professional. This book is an absolute must-have for those
who wish to get a solid understanding of the digital modeling process.”

—Alan Chan, Digital Domain

“Think of this book as THE BIBLE of not just digital modeling but for applying a fun, professional
attitude towards a career in the digital arts. I don’t think you can get a clearer picture of what is
expected of a digital artist in a production environment than what is shared in this glorious tome.
But don’t just take my word for it... really, you should stop reading my quote and get to page one

—David A. Maldonado, Blur

“With his industry insights, thorough explanations and relevant examples, William’s new book,
[digital] Modeling, is required reading not only for those new to the industry but veterans who’ve
come to rely on just a small subset of available tools and techniques as well.”

—Chris O’Riley, V|4 Digital