I wanted to share a project that I got to work on with my friend Khalid earlier this year. I was tasked with modeling the characters for the LAYAN Project that his studio, Muharraqi Studios, worked on. His studio always creates stunning work so I always feel lucky when I get to work with him […]

DarkTide and Barnaby

 René Falk Thomasius, AKA LightWave Guru, put together some awesome behind the scenes videos over the past week of his work with my characters Dark Tide and Barnaby. What a treat… he is incredibly talented. Below is an still image from one of the videos below. Be sure to check them out and also to […]


LightWave Guru, René Falk Thomasius brought a fossil of a model I created over a decade ago back to life recently with very cool results. Check it out below. René also put together a sharp turn around you can check out below:   This is a redux of what you might have seen back in the day in […]

New Models and CG Work

I’ve been extremely busy and have neglected my site with a complete lack of updates. Below are links to some of my newest character models. 10+ Characters in a box modeling thread I started to share quick character models I put together after work each day: From that thread my pumpkin trio made it […]

Ugly and Brimm Collaborate on a bit of Awesome!

The Brothers Brimm is teaming up with Ugly Apparel to create two new, exclusive designs for a limited time.  Be sure to check out the awesome give-aways throughout the next few weeks from both Ugly and Brimm. And the first 25 pre-orders will receive a 5 inch by 7 inch original piece of Brothers Brimm art! Click the […]

Foundry Gallery Addition

I spotted my DarkTide render in the MODO gallery today, which was a nice surprise. Click on the image below to check it out along with some amazing work from other artists.

Review: FlippedNormals Lighting Pack

The team at FlippedNormals just released a new resource that is a ready-to-use lighting pack for both MODO and Maya that allows you to generate beautifully lit, high quality renders of your meshes within minutes. I spent some time with the MODO lighting pack and wanted to share my experience. This lighting pack is extremely […]

New MODO Script: Make Active Tube

I’ve always been a big fan of Seneca’s MODO scripts and have found his quickPipe script to be incredibly useful. I wanted to create a script similar to quickPipe but give the user the ability to create a tube that was still live so the user could edit  and continue adding to the tube after […]